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Climate change is threatening our livelihoods, landscapes and wildlife.
Addressing the climate emergency.

Addressing the climate emergency.

The challenges of climate change are well recognised by the Welsh Government and local authorities in Carmarthenshire and Ceredigion.

Both councils have declared climate emergencies and reported the effects of climate change are already being seen in the counties. We know that people have differing views on new infrastructure, and we recognise people have concerns about pylons featuring in the landscape. Delivering the infrastructure we need to address climate change requires a careful balance. We are focused on causing the least disturbance to the environment and those who live, work and enjoy recreation close to our proposals.

The Welsh Government wants to accelerate the development of renewable energy as part of plans to address the climate emergency. As we move away from fossil fuels, new energy generation will be located where it can capture sustainable sources like wind, tidal and solar. The electricity grid will also change to connect these new sources to homes and businesses and wherever the new generation is sited it will require the development of new grid connections. In Wales, new windfarms are proposed and the existing electricity network does not have the capacity to connect them – to end the use of fossil fuels we need new infrastructure and quickly.

How we’re addressing these challenges.

How we’re addressing these challenges.

Generating more energy from renewable sources and ending the use of fossil fuels is a key aim in addressing the climate emergency.

The infrastructure we need to transition to a low carbon economy can also bring many benefits. It has the potential to create new skills and jobs, nationally and locally. And it will support the adoption of low carbon technologies in our homes and businesses.

Meeting these challenges and delivering on these opportunities will result in a significant change in how energy is generated and connected.

Renewable energy is being developed in new areas and the electricity grid will need to change to connect it to homes and businesses. Green GEN Cymru’s Towy Teifi project will help deliver these priorities – connecting clean energy quickly and efficiently to help address the climate emergency.

Addressing the climate emergency means:

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